Spider-Man Producers Counter-sue Julie Taymor

Julie Taymor Ice Sculpture by Randy Finch Photo: Konstantin Sergeyev

When last we left the war of words between Julie Taymor and the Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark producers who had ousted her from the director's chair, Taymor had turned up the heat by filing a November lawsuit. Now, though, the producers have counter-sued Taymor, rebutting her claim that the production continues to infringe on her copyrighted contributions. In fact, "As a result of all of the changes that Taymor could not and would not make, the Spider-Man musical is now a hit," claim the producers in the suit. "The show is a success despite Taymor, not because of her." Ouch! Still, neither of these lawsuits contains the phrase "a web of lies," so we're not really sure who to side with here.