So How Was Steven Tyler’s National Anthem on Sunday?


Steven Tyler sang the national anthem before Sunday's New England Patriots and Baltimore Ravens AFC championship faceoff, and it was ... a ... an, uh ... well, take it away, Internet:

• "When he opened his mouth to sing, he sounded off (Francis Scott) key. From the get-go, it was a surprisingly bad performance." [PopCrush]
• "... Steven Tyler's juxtaposition of screaming and a languid pace made his rendition ... especially difficult to listen to." [Deadspin]

[Patriots coach Bill Belichick reacts.]

• " ... what's really special about this performance is Tyler's emergency brake of a voice." [Gawker]
• "While some thought the Idol judge flubbed the lyrics, you could also argue that Tyler nailed it by sticking to his rock roots, screams and all!" [E]
• "At least they played 'Sing for the Moment' over the PA after he sang." [Bleacher Report]
• "A favorite in the region because of his local ties, Tyler was cheered by the crowd anyway." [AP]
• "When people buzz about the National Anthem instead of the game, you know you heard either Whitney Houston in 1991 or Steven Tyler today." [Matthew Smith/Twitter]

Maybe take it easy on the eye-rolling at not-so-good American Idol wannabes these next few weeks, Stevie.