‘Stupid Hoe’ Video: Nicki Minaj, Her Pet Capuchin, and a Boatload of Pastel Makeup


First off, if the small animal featured during the "Bubbles" verse is not actually a capuchin, and instead some other, rarer genus of small monkey, then please forgive us — it's late on a Friday, and Vulture didn't major in Zoology. But the animal in question does get a major close-up in the Hype Williams–directed video for "Stupid Hoe," which Nicki Minaj just unleashed into the world. Also featured prominently: a tiger, Nicki writhing around in a neon-yellow cage like a tiger, hyperexaggerated pastel makeup that is often color-coordinated with the walls, and a giant text screen reminding you that yes, Nicki will be performing at the Super Bowl a few weeks from now. One more thought — are those creepy doll eyes some sort of Lady Gaga "Bad Romance" dis? Poor girl can't catch a break this week.