Susan Sarandon Heading to The Big C Next Season

Photo: unknown

Somehow it's not enough for Susan Sarandon to just play ping-pong and get Hollywood's hardest-working actress (alias Jessica Chastain) all starstruck. Now she's jumping into season three of Showtime's The Big C for a handful of episodes. Sarandon will play a cancer survivor named Joy opposite Laura Linney's cancer-fighting protagonist Cathy. "She makes Cathy question whether she's doing enough with her own cancer experience," series creator Darlene Hunt tells the Hollywood Reporter. Sarandon will follow Big C guest arcs from actors like Idris Elba and Hugh Dancy. She'll also no doubt call on her role as a cancer-stricken Julia Roberts foil from 1998's Stepmom, one of just 28 films hanging out on Wikipedia's brusquely titled Films About Cancer page.