Time to Know Everything About Zooey Deschanel’s Finances

Photo: Larry Busacca/2011 Getty Images

Zooey Deschanel filed for divorce from Ben Gibbard yesterday. (Feelings' check: This is still sad!) Unusually, she attached all of her financial information to the papers. This means that, thanks to the consistently comprehensive dirt-digging of TMZ, we can all know exactly how much Zooey Deschanel makes and spends. It all seems fairly reasonable, especially for an actress. Apparently Deschanel makes on average $95,000 a month — which probably means Fox owes her a raise: New Girl is a hit! Do you know what people on hits make? — spends around $22,000, has no credit-card debt, and has a little over $3 million in various bank accounts and stocks. In short, while it is totally lucrative to be on a successful TV show, it is way more lucrative to write "Umbrella."