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Treme Won’t Be Back Until the Fall

HBO's :

"Treme"-  Season II   2011

Melissa Leo-  Toni Bernette
Jon Seda-  Nelson Hidalgo
India Ennenga-  Sofia Bernette
Venida Evans-  Mrs. Brooks
Jeffrey Carisalez-  Arnie Reyes
Steve Zahn-  Davis McAlary
Clarke Peters-  Albert Lambreaux
Khandi Alexander-  LaDonna Batiste-Williams
Phyllis Montana-LeBlanc-  Desiree
Wendell Pierce-  Antoine Batiste
Rob Brown-  Delmond Lambreaux
Lucia Micarelli-  Annie
Michiel Huisman-  Sonny
Danai Gurira-  Jill Hudson
Kim Dickens-  Janette Desautel
Davi Jay-  Robinette
Dan Ziskie-  CJ Liguori
David Morse-  Lt. Colson
Lance E. Nichols-  Larry Williams
Darien Sills-Evans-  Darnell Nichols
Jennifer Kober- Andrea Cazayoux
Otto DeJean- George Cotrell
Ntara Guma Mbaho Mwine- Jacques
Steve Earle- Harley Watts

Treme's third (and possibly penultimate) season won't premiere until the fall, the Times-Picayune reports, unlike the first two seasons, which both started in April. There's no specific date set yet, but the show's production schedule suggests a premiere sometime in November — not that David Simon cares about the particulars one way or the other. "It just doesn't matter," he told the paper. "I just want to have it be there for re-watch, for download and for DVDs," he said, and that his only concern is that HBO let him finish the four seasons he wants to do. "I don't pull an audience no matter when they put me on." Aw, cheer up, David Simon.

Photo: Paul Schiraldi/HBO