Uggie Is Retiring!

Photo: Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Advantage: Cosmo! Cruelly snubbed Oscar contender Uggie — yes, the Jack Russell terrier from The Artist — is leaving the industry, says his trainer. "I'm retiring him," Omar von Muller told Life & Style in a bombshell exclusive. "He may do a couple of little things here and there because he enjoys them, but I don't want to put him through long hours anymore. He's getting tired." What? Retiring now, at the peak of his popularity? This is some LCD Soundsystem shit right here! Or maybe Von Muller is simply trying to clear the decks for Uggie's little brother, Dash: "I think he will be fine with Dash stepping in," claims Von Muller. "Uggie is 10 years old and has done a lot of work; he wants to relax at home. If somebody wants to do a movie with Uggie, they'll just have to deal with Dash!" These are not Culkins, you monster! There is only one Uggie!