Today on Vulture Recommends: TV’s Best Twitters


Among the many ways that Twitter has enriched our life (about half of which involve Kanye West) is that it's brought us closer to the people who make our favorite television. Now we can know the innermost thoughts of Happy Endings' Adam Pally ("Billy Corgan is one reason to think maybe it wasn't so bad we only got to know Kurt as long as we did"), be there at the birth of Suburgatory creator Emily Kapnek's many inspirations ("Lotus Slit would be a good name for a girl band from Silver Lake"), and get the unvarnished honest opinion of real network insiders ("Looking at the rating for FEAR FACTOR reminds me that most TV critics sit in a perpetual state of shivah. I say: AMERICA FUCK YEAH!!!!!"). Josef Adalian directs your attention to these three tweeters, and two more, in today's Vulture Recommends. Thank you, Twitter. Our lives are better because of you.