‘Wassup’ Video: A$AP Rocky’s Favorite Movies Include Belly, Willy Wonka

A quick warning about the Vice-produced video for "Wassup," off pretty "gorgeous" Harlem rapper A$AP Rocky's LIVELOVEA$AP: It is very much NSFW, though in mostly unoriginal ways (naked women, weed). It is also, as indicated in the YouTube description, "inspired by Scarface, Belly, Enter the Dragon, The Warriors, and Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory." A$AP Rocky, cineaste! Or: A$AP Rocky, guy who makes a 40s-fueled Brooklyn Bridge Park hang look arty by dressing it up with references to Al Pacino movies. (Okay, one Al Pacino movie.) For our part, Vulture couldn't really find any shouts to Willy Wonka in the video beyond a shared enthusiasm for altered states of being, but it has admittedly been a few years since the last time we spent any quality time with an Oompa Loompa. Do they all wear Comme des Garçons? If you catch anything else, please report below.