Watch 90 Seconds of Silliness From Rob Lowe’s Drew Peterson Lifetime Movie


Maybe you were too busy this weekend watching important football things to catch one of several airings of Lifetime's Drew Peterson: Untouchable, starring Rob Lowe as the accused wife-murder. (We consider this a mistake: You remember the ad for this thing, right?) Or maybe you did watch but had a tough time believing Rob Lowe as a jerk who treats that woman from Big Bang Theory like crap before asking Ethan, one of the Others from Lost (all-star cast!!), to maybe help dispose of a dead body? Lowe's portrayal of Peterson didn't do the accused any favors in the "bonkers" department: Even Drew Peterson himself found the film "hysterical." But in case you'd rather not carve out two hours of your day to catch a repeat, we've condensed some of the wackier lines into a quick 90-second recap. Sadly, not one "literally," though the "I'm untouchable, bitch" makes up for it nicely.