What Tina Fey Taught Donald Glover About Wooing Women

Photo: Craig Barritt/2011 Getty Images

If Donald Glover's got game, he's got the woman behind 30 Rock to thank for it. "Tina Fey told me, 'If you really want a woman to like you, just be really good at something,'" Glover reveals to GQ. "The love, care and the focus you have on one thing is attractive, because women then think, 'I can be that thing.' It's true -- how do you think magicians get women?" Another good example: Daniel Craig, who's so good at being James Bond that even Glover is hot for him. "Man, that's a good-looking dude," enthuses the Community star. "Every time I see him I think, 'I'd totally do him.' He exudes a confidence that I want. He's got these weird zombie eyes that are piercing -- you don't want to look into them but you can't help yourself."