Glee vs. YouTube: Who Did ‘Summer Nights’ Best?


Glee 2012: Just as zany as Glee 2011! Or so we found out during last night's episode, when Mr. Schue proposed to Emma in a full white waterlogged tuxedo, Finn surprise-proposed to Rachel in the empty auditorium (speaking of which, come on, man, don't you know this girl always needs an audience?), and Mercedes and Sam surprised everyone by revealing their non-proposal-producing summer fling ... in song. But does their version of "Summer Nights" stand up against the competition? Is Trouty Mouth any match for Brad Majors? Can Mercedes best Tina Fey? And what is Korean for "summer loving"? (Turns out, "summer loving" is universal.) Watch for yourself and decide: Who did it best?

As Performed By

Tina Fey and Jimmy Fallon

If Congress had its way, we'd never be able to see this obviously pirated video of Jimmy Fallon's last night on SNL. Stop SOPA!

As Performed By

Barry Bostwick and Carole Demas

Fun fact: Barry Bostwick played Danny Zuko in the original 1972 Broadway production of Grease, which predates the movie version by six years. Glee, it's time to lay off the Bostwick already.

As Performed By

Se-Jong Art Centre in Seoul, Korea

"Summer loving," the same in any language.

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Contestants on Grease! You're the One That I Want

But do we want that much of it?

As Performed By

Olivia Newton John and John Travolta

Attack of the ringers!

As Performed By

Mercedes and Sam

Featuring Santana as a latter-day Rizzo. Duh.