Yes, Steven Soderbergh Will Play ‘It’s Raining Men’ in Magic Mike

Steven Soderbergh. Photo: Frazer Harrison/2012 Getty Images

When it comes to Steven Soderbergh's upcoming male stripper epic, Magic Mike, Vulture has adopted a "more is more" attitude (toward everything but the film's skimpy costumes, of course). At last night's Haywire premiere, we managed to pry a few more details from Soderbergh about what he's got planned for the soundtrack to the unclothed Channing Tatum comedy. "There's a couple of iconic songs in the movie that tend to be used in strip clubs," he told us. "You've got 'It's Raining Men,' stuff like that. That one is a given. I don't want to spoil the other ones yet. That's the only one, we're actually in the process right now of paying for the rights. These are expensive songs, and we're not a big movie, so ... " Meanwhile, Soderbergh is prepping his next movie, a suspenseful drama starring Tatum and Blake Lively that's been referred to in the press as both Bitter Pill and The Side Effects. "The title I want is Bitter Pill," Soderbergh said. "It's a thriller and it's hard-edged, so I think that's the better title." Would he be open to casting his Magic Mike co-star Matthew Bomer, who told us that he wants in? "If he's got his clothes on, I'm not interested," Soderbergh joked.