Act of Valor Leads Oscar Weekend Box Office


Act of Valor may have been a thinly veiled recruitment video packed full of real Navy SEALS, but it nevertheless pulled in a very respectable $25 million for its opening weekend. And since by this point Tyler Perry could write, cast, direct, and market a movie in his sleep, it's no big surprise that Good Deeds came in second with $16 million, followed not too far behind by 3-D wonderland Journey 2. Also in their second or third weeks, Safe House, The Vow, and This Means War are all still doing relatively well, at least compared to Wanderlust, which plain tanked. Despite plenty of "good fun" reviews, the Paul Rudd–Jennifer Aniston hippie-dippy film earned barely $6 million, with the reality-fuzzy Amanda Seyfried thriller Gone opening at just $5 million. Still, it was a strong weekend overall, no doubt bolstered by moviegoers desperately watching The Artist, The Descendants, and The Help before tonight's Oscars.