Last Night on Late Night: Amanda Seyfried Went Bananas Over Her New Taxidermied Raccoon Before Tenderly Petting It


Last night on Conan, Amanda Seyfried received what seemed like one of her favorite gifts ever — a dead, stuffed raccoon on a jet propeller. But despite the fact that he's "not well done," she's still adding it to her taxidermy collection, which includes a three-week-dead miniature horse, a chick named Linda, and an owl named Beatrix. Maybe she can work out a collaboration with Jack White. Plus: Jennifer Aniston groped Wanderlust co-star Joe Lo Truglio's huge prosthetic penis, which came with its own makeup artist who'd work on "re-gluing little bits of ... replacing pubic hair and stuff"; and Tyler Perry and Jimmy Fallon raced remote-controlled fish blimps. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.