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America’s Youth Will Watch TV on Most Any Type of Screen

Stylish retro TV. More TV in my portfolio

Kids are still very committed to television (almost five hours a day!), reports the New York Times, but their commitment to the television set — that old-school boxy device that doesn't play YouTube or Farmville or even have Netflix unless you hook it up to a Roku — is waning. New research by Nielsen confirms that Americans 35 and under now watch an increasing amount of television programming on phones, laptops, or devices other than a traditional, ad-friendly television. In 2011, that demographic's daily TV viewing decreased by an average of nine minutes. (TV, in this sense, is defined as a Nielsen-measurable set and not a show made for television.) Not included in the report, but entirely relevant, is this video of a baby trying to scrunch a magazine like it's an iPad screen. The babies don't even know what magazines and TV sets are anymore!