‘Bad Girls’ Video: M.I.A. Can Do Her Nails on Top of a Speeding Car


The M.I.A.-featuring video for "Give Me All Your Lovin," Madonna's new, Super Bowl–pegged single, is supposed to drop this very morning (Update: it's here!), but Maya apparently saw no reason to sit in the shadows with her pom-poms. So! We are also today treated to the visuals for "Bad Girls," the remix of the Vicki Leekx track by the same name. M.I.A. spent some time in the Kanye think tank on this one, because it's got the Middle Eastern vibe that 'Ye is reportedly contemplating for his next Runaway-style short film. Also featured prominently: metallic jumpsuits, side-wheelies, desert bonfires, and a nonchalant M.I.A. giving herself a manicure atop a moving automobile. Okay, she's not actually painting them, just filing — but still. Not a bad trick.