Bernie Trailer: Jack Black’s Mild Murderer


Who decided to release all the trailers today? We've already had superheroes, supernatural comedies, and campy horror movies, but now comes something completely different: Bernie, a small-scale, fact-based dramedy from Richard Linklater (Dazed and Confused) starring Jack Black and Matthew McConaughey. We've actually seen this movie and it's a tiny gem, but you wouldn't necessarily know that from this atrocious trailer, which sells it like a direct-to-video comedy. So let us try to market it to you: Black delivers his most fully realized performance in ages as a flamboyant mortician beloved by everyone in his small Texas town except for a cruel millionaire widow (Shirley MacLaine). Still, he perseveres in winning her over, and though he's soon her constant companion on exotic trips, she treats him like her slave ... until he finally snaps and offs her. At that point, McConaughey gets involved to investigate the murder, but the town closes ranks around Bernie: Sure, he killed somebody, but they like him so much better than they liked her. Now, that's some unusual southern hospitality.