A Complete List of Gestures Made by Karmin on Saturday Night Live


Even if you didn't watch Saturday Night Live this weekend, you may be wondering about the musical guest: "Who is Karmin?" If you did catch it, perhaps you're still wondering "Who is Karmin?" with one additional question added to the mix: "Does that lead singer ever stop making wildly exaggerated gestures while singing?" The answer to the first question: Karmin is a YouTube-famous duo, comprised of lead singer Amy Heidemann and her fiancé Nick Noonan, who rose to fame performing poppy covers of Chris Brown and Nicki Minaj. The answer to the second question: No, she will never stop gesticulating, ever! And in that spirit, Vulture has dutifully logged each and every gesture made by Heidemann during the band's first performance on Saturday Night Live, with some additional notes on the second performance and the good-byes included. Here are all 88 gestures:

1. Arms up, simulating an imaginary Hula-Hooping session
2. Finger-snapping
3. Arms windmilled around
4. Further snapping
5. Right hand on hip
6. A point to the sky
7. A point to the audience
8. Fingers run through the hair in an exaggerated fashion
9. Fingers run across the front of the dress while singing "touch me"
10. An index finger wagged at an imaginary boyfriend who refuses to take it slow
11. A "we're through!" motion using the right hand
12. A "stop" motion using both hands
13. A "talk to the hand" motion using the right hand
14. A shove
15. Right hand on hip, elbow gyrating in and out
16. A circling finger aimed at the head, indicating mental retardation
17. That same finger, now pointed up above at a cruel God
18. An open hand held up in a dainty fashion
19. The twist
20. The "couture pose": hand on hip and shoulders thrust forward
21. A squat while fanning the pelvis
22. A slice through the air
23. An A-OK finger sign
24. Two fingers held up, referencing the lyric "Don't want to think too hard" (a play on words?)
25. An outstretched palm
26. Either a gesture toward the guitarist or a windmilling of the right arm to maintain balance on perilous heels
27. A "stop" sign
28. A supplicating palm, thrust up and down for emphasis
29. A wildly zig-zagging index finger
30. A palm splayed out, facing the audience
31. A palm splayed out over the chest
32. A "c'mere" gesture
33. An unreciprocated high-five to a bandmate
34. A shaky hand falling down like rain
35. A flattened hand thrust up and down, as if buzzing in on a game show
36. A wildly zig-zagging index finger
37. An open palm thrust repeatedly into the pelvis, as if masturbating with a crucifix in The Exorcist
38. A "gimme that money" gesture
39. Another A-OK sign
40. A kick!
41. Right hand up with thumb and little finger extended
42. A limp wrist, proffering a hand to be kissed
43. Hands waved above the head
44. Hair brushed out of the face
45. That same "mental retardation" gesture, now aimed vaguely at the sky
46. A gesture toward the whole band
47. A "Call me?" gesture with the right hand
48. A point to the ground
49. A hand clutched to the side of the head, as if suffering from a migraine
50. A right arm raised slowly while striding forward
51. A supplicating palm
52. A "you better not" pointing gesture, repeated several times
53. A dramatic brushing of the hair from the face to indicate anger, then a "just kidding!" wide smile
54. Right hand on hip
55. "Talk to the hand"
56. A pageant wave
57. An open palm, zig-zagging wildly
58. A "gimme that cheddar" indication
59. A "bye bitch" hand gesture followed by walking away
60. Perhaps the most aggressive hand-on-hip, broken-model pose yet
61. Another squat and vaginal wave
62. A thumb over the shoulder
63. A trace of the body's contours using the right hand
64. A warning point to the audience
65. An index finger tracing an imaginary circle in the air
66. A point to the head
67. An A-OK gesture
68. Hands thrown up in the air
69. Both hands on hips
70. "Dancing"
71. A hand above the head chopping downward, for emphasis
72. More pointing at the audience
73. Rapid arm-windmilling
74. The twist
75. Potentially unconscious pointing toward the vaginal area
76. A slap of the right thigh
77. An outstretched palm over the heart
78. An A-OK gesture
79. Pelvic thrusts
80. An outstretched palm waved in a circular motion
81. An A-OK gesture waved at the audience
82. A point to the audience
83. An outstretched hand while squatting
84. Right hand on hip
85. An A-OK gesture
86. A thrust forward while turning dramatically to the side, to indicate the end of the performance
87. A kiss to the audience
88. A wave good-bye

Many of these gestures were used again in the second performance, with several new motions, including a thumbs-up sign, a thumbs-down sign, the un-cinching of a trench coat, and a salute. In the cast good-byes segment at the end of the show, Heidemann clapped, placed her hands together in prayer, then held them in front of her face before our DVR cut out. If you witnessed more gestures, be sure to leave them in the comments!