Dark Tide Trailer: It’s Shark Week for Halle Berry


The last couple of years couldn't have been easy ones for Halle Berry. Her small supporting role in New Year's Eve was Berry's first gig in a wide-release movie since 2007's Things We Lost in the Fire, a would-be critical comeback for the Oscar winner that grossed only a little bit more than $3 million. So, in the trailer for her new movie Dark Tide, when Berry's character decides to take a job she'd rather not just because she really needs that paycheck ... well, no explanation needed. Berry plays an expert diver who agrees (at the behest of real-life boyfriend Olivier Martinez) to take a wealthy client out swimming with sharks; she's not a fan of the idea or the client, but everybody fights and goes out into the ocean anyway, and maybe the sharks will eat the rich dude, but nobody seems to like him so is that really so bad? Anyway, that seems to be the plot, and then maybe the boat tips over during a storm, which would admittedly be frightening! And Berry wears a bikini throughout, if that tips the scales any, in which case you can easily press play when the movie debuts on VOD next month.