The Grammy Nominees for Best Record and Album, As Infographics


At some point during the Grammys this Sunday night, between the LL Cool J banter and the musical performances from AdeleRihanna, The Boss, Katy Perry, and at least two bizarre supergroups, awards will be handed out in various Byzantine categories. The two most prestigious categories are Album of the Year (pretty self explanatory) and Record of the Year (which is basically a more impressive way of saying "song of the year," except there is another category called "Song of the Year." At this particular Grammys, the Record and Song of the Year have four of five nominees in common.) To celebrate the nominees (Adele, Bon Iver, Mumford & Sons, and Bruno Mars, among others), to get excited for Sunday's spectacle, and, mostly, because charts are always fun, here are ten infographics breaking down the candidates in the Best Album and Best Record categories. Have a look.