Idiots and Babies: What Happens When Hollywood Gives Cute Kids to Big Dummies


Given Kenny Powers’ middle name, it’s pretty remarkable he made it this long without fathering a mini-mullet. If you saw last week’s Eastbound & Down, you know that’s changed now. You also know that the beer-swilling boor was left to care for his future bulletproof tiger with only the help of Shane, his catcher and new partner in dipshittery. What follows, we can only assume, will be a series of high jinks involving KP, a baby Bjorn, and extreme diaper confusion. And, as with all TV and movie babies left in the hands of clueless men, little Toby will probably find himself in the kind of life-threatening danger that would have Child Protective Services issuing red alerts in real life. But if Kenny Powers wants to go down as one of Hollywood’s most negligent parents, he’s got some work to do. Here’s the genre’s hall of fame.