Is Liz Lemon Benjamin Buttoning?


“Over the course of six seasons, Jack has been fully transformed into a condescending, all-knowing daddy, and Liz has been fully transformed into a needy little girl who is eternally terrified of displeasing him.” NPR’s television blog makes the interesting argument that 30 Rock’s Liz Lemon, the relatively self-possessed woman who once bought all the hot dogs to make a point, has become more immature as the series goes on, trusting her own judgment less and less and deferring to Jack - and that that’s partly to blame for the show’s tanking ratings. You could make the counter-argument that it’s realistic of the show to let their relationship grow and change: the more Jack proves his wisdom, the more willing Liz has become to seek his advice where she once resisted it. On the other hand, lots of shows do come to exaggerate characters’ weaknesses beyond the point of believability. Could this terrible fate befall our beloved Liz Lemon?