Jason Sudeikis on Eastbound & Down and Athletic Egos


Does Jason Sudeikis actually make the layup in the opening credits of SNL? Did he throw baseballs with his non-dominant hand throughout the entire taping of Eastbound & Down? Does he compare doing a guest arc on a TV show to replacing a member of the Foo Fighters?

The biggest thing you take from it is everything they did in the first two seasons, and you just try to harmonize with that. I don’t feel like a solo artist—I feel like, when being asked to play with other people, you want to be like a really good addition. It’s like the Foo Fighters lose a couple of drummers, and then they finally get Taylor Hawkins, and it’s like he’s been in the band forever. Him and Dave Grohl seem like soulmates, and you’re like, “What a great fit.” You hope to be that for the people that hired you.