John Carter Dedicated to Steve Jobs

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As the director of Wall-E and Finding Nemo, Andrew Stanton is often asked about Pixar's enviable track record, and he told reporters this week that he typically would respond with a lengthy paean to studio co-founder Steve Jobs. "I ended up just simplifying my answer down to 'Steve. Steve’s why,'" said Stanton. Now Stanton is honoring the memory of Jobs with Woola and some furry space apes: According to Slashfilm, he's dedicated his new film John Carter to the pioneering executive. Alluding to the movie's troubled production, Stanton said, "It was amazing to see how much [Jobs] had firewalled us from. Like we knew he had, but he had truly firewalled us and protected us from all the bad influences of the outside world and we had just been raised in this little eden in San Francisco and had no clue how bad it could be. And so I really have to give so much more credit to him than I ever was, even though I always was, of how much he was a major factor for Pixar."