Watch Jonathan Ames’s Wonderful Drunk Speech at the WGA Awards


Jonathan Ames delivered quite the speech at the WGA East Coast awards last night. If you watch this video from the right angle, you can actually see the hangover he must have had today. If only more awards shows included endearingly rambling introductions from visibly drunk, charmingly bitter writers of novels and canceled TV shows!

Vulture caught up with Ames before the ceremony, and he told us that he's still licking his wounds over Bored to Death's cancellation, but that he has more adaptations in the works. "I'm trying some new projects. I'm going to be adapting [Wake Up, Sir!] into a film," he said, one that he hopes to direct.

We chatted with Ames after the ceremony, too, and commended him on a terrifically intoxicated performance. "Don't say I was actually drunk!" he told us. "I wasn't drunk, in case my parents read the article." And then he laughed.