Last Night on Late Night: Josh Hutcherson Isn’t Quite Ready for All the Hunger Games Fanfare


Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Josh Hutcherson admitted he's not quite ready to handle all the Hunger Games fanfare, although he's already getting in some practice. Apparently, a mother and her two daughters had driven six hours from Chicago to his Kentucky home to deliver clothes and cell phone covers emblazoned with his face. But before knocking on his door, they at least had the courtesy to watch him finish dinner first. Plus: Jon Bernthal's pizza delivery guy wanted the Walking Dead actor to sleep with his wife; Vanessa Hudgens rapped Tyga's "Rack City," even throwing down the "hunnids, hunnids"; and Chris Pine's attempt to get into an NYC nightclub failed with the bouncers but landed in the New York Times. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.