Last Night on Late Night: Justin Theroux Clobbered His Childhood Bully With His Wooden Shoes


Last night on Jimmy Kimmel Live, Justin Theroux recounted his major David and Goliath moment in elementary school where he utilized the very object of provocation as his own weapon, and clobbered the bully to tears with his wooden shoes from Holland. Plus: Paul Rudd, suffering from an extreme sugar rush — even aggravating it by throwing back a Bottle Cap candy whole — said that David Wain and Michael Showalter are currently writing him into the script for Wet Hot American Summer 2; Kevin Nealon got back at Jack Nicholson for his humiliating better-than-thou attitude by farting on him; and Craig Ferguson brought in psychopath expert Jon Ronson to deliberate on the accuracy of Hannibal Lecter's psychosis — apparently, he's too "extravagant" to be a real psychopath. Watch our compilation to see what you missed.