Katie Couric Is Now a Fan of Lana Del Rey

Katie Couric. Photo: Robin Marchant/2012 Getty Images

What do our nation's most trusted names in news make of controversial chanteuse Lana Del Rey? We know that NBC anchor Brian Williams is no fan, since he called her recent late-night performance "one of the worst outings in SNL history," but Katie Couric has been harder to pin down: When the Washington Post talked to the newswoman last week, Couric drew a blank on Del Rey, innocently asking, "Is she a poser?" ("Someone send Katie Couric a Spotify invite, stat," snarked Gawker.) Naturally, when we ran into Couric last night at the opening night reception for the Athena Film Festival, we had to ask whether Couric has since listened to Del Rey. "Yes!" she told us. "The most embarrassing part of that is I watched her on Saturday Night Live and my daughter and I were like 'Who is that?' And I sort of just didn’t put two and two together [until] I heard the story about Brian Williams." So, does Couric like what she's heard? "Yeah, I actually do! I think she’s talented and I think it was a little bit of a tempest in a teapot. I think she’s beautiful and talented ... and I actually now have Spotify." A few minutes later, after talking to friends, Couric ran back up to us. Was there an essential thought about Del Rey that she had forgotten to convey? "We were just saying we think she has really pretty hair," said Couric.