Kristen Bell and Cher Are Text Buddies

Photo: David Livingston/Getty Images

The Kristen Bell adorability campaign is marching into phase two: First came the sloths, and now comes the civil rights activism, cutesy terminology, and Cher anecdotes. "In about 10 years, knock on wood, I think we're going to be embarrassed as a nation about our behavior on [marriage equality]," Bell tells The Advocate. "It's going to be exactly like what happened in 1970, when people were like, 'Whoa, 1960 sucked. We should've let everyone ride the bus.'" On a goofier note, she explains that "blampers and cupcakes" refers to one's breasts and buttocks: "Cupcakes are your bottom cheeks, of course, unless you’ve got a flat ass, in which case they’re called flapjacks," she says, and "blampers is my preferred word for breasts." Fun with synonyms! Finally, does she keep in touch with her Burlesque co-star Cher? Indeed she does. "[Cher] texts me at random times, maybe once a month," Bell says. "She loves to text. She usually texts me, 'Hey, bitch. XO, Me.'" A+.