Lana Del Rey Not Touring Anytime Soon [UPDATE]


Lana Del Rey has postponed her tour, "Page Six" says, in the hopes of creating some distance between herself and her instantly infamous SNL warble debacle from a few weeks ago. According to the story, the tour was supposed to kick off next month, but Del Rey's manager and agents and Interscope's Jimmy Iovine agreed she wasn't quite ready to head back out on the road — though she's apparently "in the studio ... working on her performance." What, no bonus points for her improved stage work on Letterman? The tour wasn't officially scheduled yet (and last we heard, she wasn't planning on touring till the fall), so this maybe isn't that huge a deal, but this at least gives the LDR fan nation plenty of time to grow out and perfect their homage talon nails. Update: Del Rey's publicist says she never had a tour scheduled for the spring in the first place.