Let Mark Wahlberg Pick Your Oscar and Razzie Winners

Photo: Jason Merritt/2012 Getty Images

"I've got a friend at PriceWaterhouse," Mark Wahlberg claims in an interview with HuffPo, so when he gives you his Oscar picks, you'd better listen up. "It's not a matter of who I want to win, it's who I know is going to win." To that end, his predictions are: The Artist will take Best Picture and Best Actor, while The Help will win in the Best Actress and Best Supporting Actress categories. Continues Wahlberg, "Christopher Plummer will win for Best Supporting Actor and the team behind Transformers will win for best sound editing, and Hugo — they will win Best Costume, Production and Cinematography." As for the Razzies, Wahlberg says, "Worst film will go to either Jack and Jill or Abduction." Why the hedge? "[I don't] have an in with the Razzies," Wahlberg concedes. Pow!