Madonna Is Just Rewriting Cyndi Lauper Songs Now


For a woman who recently made very pointed comments about the debt Lady Gaga's "Born This Way" owes to her own "Express Yourself," Madonna seems to have no compunction about cribbing full, very famous lines from other people's pop songs. "Girl Gone Wild," her latest single off MDNA, not only owes its title to the artistic vision of Joe Francis, but its chorus is built around the lyric, "Girls, they just wanna have some fun," which is of course a lesson that we learned from Cyndi Lauper about 30 years ago. It doesn't help matters that the song is a paint-by-numbers, 808- and Tanqueray-referencing dance track that falls even flatter when compared to its source material. And is there anyone in recorded history who has ever believed Madonna as "good girl," even for a second? Anyway, to borrow Madonna's own words, this is ... "interesting." (Hydrangea face optional.)