Nicki Minaj Opened the NBA All-Star Game Without Her Vatican Friends


Last night, while many of you (and most of Vulture's staff) were examining the thread count and placement of Jennifer Lopez's Oscar dress, the NBA was playing its All-Star game in Orlando. Nicki Minaj turned up to do an introduction medley for the game, meaning that she sang/rapped/mostly lip-synched two songs each for the Eastern and Western Conference teams before their names were announced. Which team does Nicki like more? She gave the Western Conference a relatively solid "Moment 4 Life," but then turned on a bunch of garish rainbow lights (presumably borrowed from the Grammys "dance" tribute) and twirled around spastically for her David Guetta song, "Turn Me On." Meanwhile, the Eastern Conference had to sit through "Starships," but was rewarded with "Super Bass," obviously the most enjoyable performance of the night. It was a tie? The only clear winner was the shirtless dancer who got to run right in front of Marc Gasol and start shimmying for the cameras. And also maybe the Pope, since no one showed up dressed like a priest this time. (Cowl hoods are still a look for Nicki, apparently.) One stray question: Do you think Chris Bosh has heard that "Roman Reloaded" line yet? Doesn't seem like it, right?

Here's the Western Conference introduction:

And here's the Eastern Conference (respect to Lebron and Dwight Howard for not looking like they want to die):