Piranha 3DD Trailer: Watch Gary Busey Bite a Piranha in Half


In the trailer for the campy sequel Piranha 3DD, the fighting fish finally come up against an adversary with teeth even more fearsome than their own: Gary Busey. He proceeds to tear one of the piranhas in half with those giant chompers, which is definitely a high-risk, high-reward scenario. (We don't recommend this approach for viewers at home, however.) Other than that, it's business as usual for these fish, which are yet again sicced on innocent, buxom women and always thisclose to biting them on their ladyparts. Ving Rhames returns with machine-gun legs (we've been waiting for a chance to type those words!), Christopher Llloyd makes another cameo, and David Hasselhoff appears as himself, albeit a particularly Darwinian version, who lounges in his lifeguard chair and watches as only the fittest of the besieged swimsuit models attempt to survive. Their surgically applied flotation devices won't help them here!