R. Kelly Blithely Unaware of Overpopulation Concerns

Photo: Donna Ward/2011 Getty Images

Well, this has been a great week for singers who scared the bejesus out of their fans last year with sudden and mysterious throat surgeries. First, Adele announced her official Grammy-sponsored return to live singing, and now R. Kelly has released yet another post-operation single into the world. Bad news: It is in no way related to those 32 chapters of Trapped in the Closet. Good news: R. Kelly can still sing. Great news, if you like Barry White: The song sounds a lot like Barry White. Kellz's new album details are still hazy (it looks like the original title, Black Panties, has been traded for Write Me Back), but if "Share My Love" is any indication, Kellz will still be working the Love Letter retro vibe, just skipping forward a couple of decades. At any rate, "Share My Love" is perfectly pleasing as a sunny ode to R. Kelly's most beloved pastime: babymaking populating. That's what we're calling it now! Populating.