David Edelstein Reviews Rampart and In Darkness

Rampart Photo: Millennium Entertainment

Two morality dramas open this weekend: Rampart, about a dirty cop, and In Darkness, a Polish-language film set during the Holocaust. "Oren Moverman’s Rampart is a conversion melodrama manqué, which means the moral awakening comes too late to do anyone onscreen any good," writes New York's chief film critic David Edelstein in this week's magazine. In Darkness takes a different course. "It’s far less fun, dramatically speaking, to watch people with firm moral convictions bravely act on them than to see scoundrels, bigots, and greedheads get moved to their core and impulsively cast aside self-interest,"  Edelstein writes. "In outline, In Darkness is a standard conversion melodrama, but little within those parameters is easy." Read the full reviews here.