‘Rella’ Video: Are You Ready for Odd Future, Round Two?


After taking it (relatively) easy of late, the young weirdos of Odd Future are about to storm back on the scene, with an album (The OF Tapes Vol. 2, featuring everyone but Earl), a tour at the end of March, and an Adult Swim show all on deck in the next few months.  OFWGKTA: not a creepy dream you had sometime in 2011. To kick off Wolf Gang: Phase Two, the dudes just dropped the Tyler-directed video for "Rella," featuring Tyler, Hodgy Beats, and Domo Genesis, and it's a surprisingly mature, artistic effort from the crew. Just kidding! It's bonkers, and totally NSFW, and features Tyler Hodgy in a Robocop suit shooting penis lasers that turn people into cats, plus Tyler as a frightening centaur sniffing a mountain of cocaine. And those are the enjoyable parts. Still, a lot of dick talk and questionable actions toward females here, which means the Odd Future Debate will likely rage on into its second chapter. Everyone ready?

* This post has been corrected to reflect the fact that only Hodgy wears the Robocop suit in question.