Sacha Baron Cohen Successfully Self-Promotes on Oscar Red Carpet


Perhaps you have not spent much time paying attention to the very manufactured "controversy" about whether Sacha Baron Cohen would be able to walk the Oscar red carpet in character as The Dictator. In short: Sacha Baron Cohen wanted to walk the red carpet to promote his forthcoming movie, The Dictator; the Academy briefly "revoked" his ticket; then the Academy "relented" and gave him permission to attend; then, tonight, Sacha Baron Cohen "caused a scene" on the red carpet by spilling "Kim Jong Il's ashes," which he was carrying in an urn, all over Ryan Seacrest's tuxedo jacket. So, if you like your "pranks" to be staged and premeditated, or just like to see Ryan Seacrest demonstrate yet again his almost complete unflappability, please, take a look at the this video!