‘Safe and Sound’ Video: Taylor Swift Is the Proud New Owner of a Mockingjay Pin


At the Grammys on Sunday, Taylor Swift performed "Mean" in a calico dress with a banjo while various old-timey prospectin' extras swirled around her, repping her country roots. The popular comparison was to Disney's Frontierland (or the barricades from Les Miserables), but the video for Swift's Hunger Games single, "Safe and Sound" (featuring the relevantly named Civil Wars), suggests a different explanation: Maybe that was a District Twelve look happening in the Staples Center. Consider the similarities with the below — broken furniture, prairie dresses, the belief that the entire world is against you and your bumpkin friends. Taylor Swift is Katniss, basically. And so she will wander the abandoned D-12 woods, scrunching her brow and staring down deer, in search of of Hunger Games–related jewelry to flash around the two-minute mark. A Mockingjay! This is product placement we can believe in. [Rue salute.] Bonus discussion question, while we're at it: Taylor Swift is totally Team Peeta, right? Right. Nice guys forever with this girl.