Sarah Palin’s Crew and HBO’s Game Change Writer Are Beefing

Photo: Darren McCollester/2011 Getty Images

Danny Strong, screenwriter and an executive producer behind HBO's Game Change, reportedly told some of Sarah Palin's aides and advisers from her 2008 vice-presidential campaign they could check out the film's script and do some fact-checking somewhere along the line. But now? "Nobody with the book and nobody with the movie contacted me," says Meg Stapleton, a former senior adviser and spokesperson for Palin. "This is sick. The media has gone too far. Looking at the trailers alone gets my blood boiling." Strong says he never told one of the chief Team Palin complainants, Jason Recher, he'd get to see the script in the first place. "I did not offer to show him the script. I did not offer to show him the film. HBO offered to show Gov. Palin the film several weeks ahead of its debut and she declined the offer," Strong said. Beef!