Scott Speedman Returning to TV


Scott Speedman had a supporting role in last weekend's No. 1 movie, The Vow, but he recently said to Newsweek, "I haven’t really done a big-budget movie where I’m a lead," and admitted that he spent little of his post-Felicity career booking big projects because he "just wanted to have fun for a while." The profile was not-so-sweetly titled "What Happened to Felicity Hunk Scott Speedman?" but today there's a better answer to that question: Speedman has signed up for one of the more promising pilots this season, the Shawn Ryan–produced Last Resort, where he'll star opposite Andre Braugher as a submarine officer who inadvertently becomes a foreign citizen when the inhabitants of the sub declare themselves to be an independent nuclear nation. Warheads trained on Team Noel!