Seann William Scott Is Still Nursing the Wounds From His Oscar Snubs

Seann William Scott. Photo: Andrew H. Walker/2012 Getty Images

When we caught up with Seann William Scott last night at the 2(XIST)-sponsored premiere of his new ice hockey comedy Goon, we asked the American Reunion star if he had any plans to watch the Oscars this Sunday. "I didn't even know they were on Sunday!" Scott yelped. Perhaps he was just feigning ignorance, though, because he still hasn't made peace with his Oscar-related pain. "You know, it's been tough for me, because ever since I didn't get nominated for Dude, Where's My Car? I've always had a strange relationship with the Academy Awards," Scott said, grinning. "I mean, I got snubbed again for The Dukes of Hazzard, so it's really hard for me to believe in awards after something like that, because I worked my skin off for The Dukes of Hazzard." In all seriousness, though, are there any dark-horse nominees that Scott is rooting for? "Melissa McCarthy, she deserves an award," he said. "I hope she wins for sure. She's great."