Shirley MacLaine Has Arrived at Downton Abbey and Is Having a Lovely Time

Photo: Sylvain Gaboury/Patrick McMullan

According to doctors, day four of Downton Abbey Seasonal Withdrawal is when things start to get ugly — headaches, delusions, and an Edith-like despair about the fact that one has nothing to live for anymore. So! It's very lucky that today we get news from the Downton set, where season three filming is under way. Even better, the updates come from Shirley MacLaine herself, who has made it to the U.K. and is already tweeting Dowager Countess–worthy observations. ("I have internet but this hotel has no phone service or TV. I feel I am on another planet.") MacLaine also tweeted that they "shot outside in the wind and rain," which, what are Cora's mother and the Dowager Countess doing out in the elements? Was there a gas leak? Did some sort of animal get loose in the house? Anyway, she says "Everything is going well ... Love the cast and crew." Eleven months to season three! Stay strong.