The Bourne Legacy Trailer: Jeremy Renner Gets Recruited


Jeremy Renner is supposed to be the new thinking man's action hero, but so far, Hollywood has only called on him for backup duty: He paced and fretted while Tom Cruise ran around a building in Mission: Impossible - Ghost Protocol, and though he's part of the superhero team in Marvel's upcoming The Avengers, he's the guy with the relatively underpowered bow and arrow (and no origin movie of his own). The Bourne Legacy, then, serves as the primary test of Renner's mettle, as he's taking over the Matt Damon action franchise as Damon and director Paul Greengrass exit stage left; can Renner and filmmaker Tony Gilroy (who wrote the other Bourne movies) make the series their own? The new teaser for the movie provides the barest glimpses of Renner enduring an interrogational job interview and coming up with creative ways to beat up some thugs — and it all seems a little bit more composed than the frantic handheld approach Greengrass was known for — but it's hard to get a handle on things just yet, especially with supporting players Rachel Weisz and Oscar Issac nowhere to be seen and the villainous Edward Norton contributing a mere vocal cameo. Still: Break a leg, Jeremy! (Literally, you should do that. It's kind of mandatory for you to break somebody's legs in a movie like this.)