The Sklar Brothers Are Not the Smothers Brothers


Here’s an interview with comedians and podcasters Randy and Jason Sklar about their latest standup album Hendersons And Daughters, the intersection of sports and comedy, and doing an act as twins that isn’t about being twins. They also share the story of the eye-opening moment when they were first exposed to an alternative comedy scene. Jason says:

It was the way we were funny amongst our friends, and that was a huge “light goes on” moment for us. Where we were like, “Wait, you don’t have to do things the way that standup comedy has dictated you’re supposed to do.” If you’re fat, you do a bunch of material about being fat. It was so dangerous and unexpected, and you didn’t know what was going to come out of anybody’s mouth the whole night. And yet it was the way we were funny when we hang out with our friends. We thought, “Oh my God, we can do this? I can’t believe that that can be comedy.” So I think that opened our minds up in terms of saying, “Well, we don’t have to be the Smothers. We don’t have to be what people want us to be, where one of us is dumb and one of us is smart, or one of us is liked more than the other.