‘Towers’ Video: Go Boating With Bon Iver’s Old Grizzly Friend


We'll stop you right there: No, the friend is not Justin Timberlake in his Bon Iver on SNL finest. (Though DM to Justin Vernon: JT loves you! He made a sign. Get him in that next video.) Instead, Vernon has recruited an older, wizardly (in hair, at least) gentleman to star in the video for "Towers," and the dude proceeds to do exactly what you would expect a guy in a Bon Iver video (or a guy listening to Bon Iver, or Bon Iver himself) to do: wander around in nature, looking sad, toting some sort of symbolic wood sculpture. The scenery is indeed very beautiful, and Bon Wizard makes it to a lovely beach, where a boating trip ensues — though, this being a Bon Iver situation, it doesn't end happily. Still, if you are in the market for four minutes of outdoorsyness and regret, this is the video for you! Enjoy.