‘Turn Up the Music’ Video: Chris Brown’s Unwanted Publicity Blitz Continues


On Wednesday, after an uncomfortable three-day media fiesta in which Chris Brown performed twice at the Grammys, then taunted his critics on Twitter, Vulture asked whether you were ready to forgive the disgraced singer for his brutal 2009 assault on Rihanna. Your answer, for the most part, was a resounding no. But there are those, apparently, who can — most troubling among them is Rihanna, who reportedly invited Brown to guest on her upcoming "Birthday Cake" remix (and also to appear at her private, actual birthday party), as well as the music executives who continue to push Brown as a marketable performer. Their latest effort is Brown's video for "Turn Up the Music," the song he performed on a Q-Bert-like set at the Grammys. In it, Brown dances, and well, there is still something mechanical about his moves and his backflips become less impressive with every video. (Also, this one is slowed-down Matrix-style, which, ho hum.) If you are able to enjoy videos of Chris Brown dancing, then you will be satisfied with this video of Chris Brown dancing. But the great thing about the Internet, and also free will, is that you have the power to choose whether to click play on this video. Vulture will leave it up to you.