Uggie is Very Self-Conscious About His 'Chunky Thighs'


Wonder-dog Uggie has had a tumultuous awards season -- at the same time as his film, The Artist, is presumed to be the Oscar front-runner, Uggie himself is planning his retirement -- but there's no rest for the star canine when awards ballots are still in voters' hands. And so it is that The Wrap [via Movieline] sat down with Uggie's team to subject the dog to the Proust Questionnaire, which asks questions about his favorite flower ("Dogwood"), favorite color ("He's torn between black and white"), and favorite poets ("Homer and Alexander Pope," obviously). It's a softball interview to be sure, but there are still two awkward moments: One, when the currently ailing dog is asked how he would like to die ("With a belly full of sausage, thank you very much"), and the other, when he's asked what he hates most about himself. His answer? "Chunky thighs." Hollywood is a tough town, kids.