Up All Night Recap: ‘First Birthday’

You’re Invited to Amy’s First Birthday!

Where: Reagan and Chris’ house, including the laundry room and the bouncy castle in the driveway.

Who: Lots of “garbage people” that Gene and Terry invite after “get-along guy” Chris agrees to a joint birthday party.

When: From 3pm till Chris mans up and learns to say no to people without Reagan being the bad cop. This will probably be after one of the “Gene and Terry people” has already touched all the cheese with his shoes.

What: Cake and a chicken-suited dance by Reagan, who’s now freed up to be the chill parent.

Gift List

- A creepy neo-Victorian portrait of Amy commissioned by “godmother” Ava. “It’s one of those ones where…the eyes follow you…wherever you…” says Chris.

- A magazine, left in Chris and Reagan’s bedroom bathroom by an unauthorized bedroom-bathroom user.

- STDs all over the driveway from Nancy (Molly Shannon) and her tea-brewing, spoon-loving beau.

First Words

Amy: Mama, dada, or Ava (depending on who you ask)

Chris: No.

Reagan: (in the chicken suit) I’m naked under here!

Ava: What painting?

Up All Night Recap: ‘First Birthday’